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Who we Are...
We are seasoned hospitality pros who listen, advise and plan your private winery experience. By considering both boutique and iconic wineries to match your interests, we are here to deliver the best among the 500+ wineries to discover and celebrate.
- Blue Star Wine Country Tours
Founder - John Cowles

As a 15+ year Sonoma resident, I'm proud to be connected to some of the most eclectic wineries nestled within the world-class wine regions we proudly serve; Sonoma, Napa & Russian River AVA's.  Our partnerships go deep and make Blue Star a preferred option for those seeking something special or need access when reservations prove to be difficult. We go way beyond getting you from point A to B. 


Partner- Heidi Moe

As a Napa native, restauranteur and business vet, I know just about every family-owned winery here who wants you to visit. What we do is simple... figure out how to "blow your mind" on every tour. Let Blue Star personally plan your day to experience the most intimate and amazing wineries served by interesting people (often the owner or winemaker) who are passionate about their wine and truly love their jobs. 

Partner- Marc Rulmont

I like nice cars and I cannot lie.  When I'm not touring, I manage the Blue Star fleet of luxury tour & transportation vehicles.  As you know, stretch limousines of yesterday are dead. We bring you the most relevant, new and exciting ways to get around wine country and all of our rides deliver great views, comfort and safety features you'll appreciate.  We understand your business and know it's important for us to get it right from "soup to nuts and bolts!" Consider the Blue Star difference on your next visit to wine country.

Partner - Alexandra Sixby-Spring

Although I'm proud to be Michigan born & bred, I love being connected to California's world-class wine regions, the slow-food movement and all other things here that make me feel good. As for wine tours, I prefer intimate settings when it comes to learning about the passion, place and history behind a label. That's what we do for you. Of the 1000+ wineries to discover; there are too many ways to get it wrong.  Allow us be your true wine country hosts.

We respect and embrace wine lovers of any kind.    

Please call to learn more about where you fit into the Blue Star adventure.

Thank you!

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