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Blue Star is focused on helping our guests discover what's beyond Mondavi, Joseph Phelps & Silver Oak. Our expert knowledge of the region and relationships with boutique wineries, cheese makers, local farmers, artists, equestrians, antique dealers and micro-brewers encourages a multi-day adventure beyond sips of white & red. There are over 500 wineries to consider...let Blue Star take the helm and bring you to places you'll remember and celebrate as your new "secret spots" only locals can deliver. 


PRIVATE: Start with a conversation about your visit prior to arrival. It’s true, there are scores of world-class wineries to discover but you might also want to meet a winemaker, witness a bottling or learn more about how grapes become wine.  


LAST MINUTE: If you’re coming up on a whim and don’t know much... we’ve got you covered.  A picnic lunch and tasting at three selected wineries will do the trick. Just tell us your retail bottle price budget and if you like ‘em big and bold or more complex and we’ll take it from there.


GROUPS: Some advanced notice is required in order to reserve space with our winery partners who will accommodate parties of 6 or more. Catered lunches, cave dinners and barrel tastings are all possible. Let Blue Star help create an intimate winery experience for your group that delivers beyond your expectations.


DMS/CORPORATE EVENTS:  We are qualified planners who, beyond tours and transportation are poised to put together lodging and other activities related to your visit here. 

 Regions & Themed Tours

Mid-week Specials

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